10 Lessons from Walid Sweid

1- Taking risks: No business is safe, believe in yourself, go ahead and experience it , your journey might be your reward

 2- Investment: A successful investment is an invest in time, invest in yourself, invest in business and an invest in your employees

 3- Technology: if you don’t rush to implement your idea and take action then you will probably be outdated, when it comes to technology stop talking and start doing

 4- Entrepreneurship: If you have an original idea to impress people with then you can take the risk to be an entrepreneur

 5- Failure: Failure is a must lesson in life, if you are not failing you are not learning , success after failure has a special taste , you won’t regret the things you failed doing but you will regret the things you didn’t do, keep trying.

 6- Success: Persistence is the shortest way to success  , if you want to be successful don’t let the fear of what may go wrong stop you from fulfilling your dreams, believe in your capacity of success

 7- Rumors: Rumors are always spread about successful people from cheap people who have a lot of free time and a little bit of friends

 8- Money: Money will buy your needs but never a personality, money doesn’t make a man it’s the man who makes money

 9- Goals: You are always capable to achieve what you want, the only one who can stop you is simply yourself.

 10- Business: The harder you work the better will be you reward, if you have a strong vision and taking massive actions when obstacles are facing you then you will have a successful business that everyone will be talking about.

 Business world is a magnificent adventure, it should never be boring. No matter if the experience is good or bad it has something to teach you and you will grow through each situation.

 Remember that everyone must start somewhere, you should have no shame to have a humble beginning, the most impressing stories started from nothing at all.

 The only way to become great is to have a passion for what you are doing.