Walid Sweid Biography

Born in Lebanon in August 1977, Walid Sweid would go on to become a well-known business man and investor a far ways away in Brazil and Paraguay.

Early years

Walid Sweid was born in Lebanon, his father was a high school teacher and his mother was an airline stewardess.He attended Beirut Baptist School but for economic and social crises in Lebanon Walid Sweid thought of emigrating to Latin America in October 1994 to study business administration and to seek a better opportunity where the resources and markets were more stable and lucrative.

Career life:

Walid Sweid has a noticeably energetic and enthusiastic character and a lot of intriguing ideas. In 1995 he was attracted to trading, the business of the times and started working as an independent trader.

Walid decided to start his own business and began to form a team that would shape the pinnacle of his success. Walid Sweid emerged as a great brand creator and would entice his clients with his know-how in business and commerce. He later entered the market of optical media, Walid and his partners founded the company Factory Group in 2005 selling virgin DVDs, thus providing a great moment that approached and the business started to flourish.  Sweid was the first to manufacture in the region, exporting to Latin America, reaching sales of 12 million discs per month, under the TDK label.

In 2010, with the increase of trade between China and Paraguay and lack of routes for the realization of logistics, Walid Sweid founded Global Logistic serving major transportation companies in Ciudad Del Este.

In recent years, Walid Sweid has founded several companies and brands, the main and most recent is the Marketplace By Dubai.com

ByDubai.com is an international website that acts as a marketplace with thousands of products and worldwide customers.  The quality and delivery efficiency is unrivaled.

Buyers and sellers meet and make transactions. While the online store has a single owner, the market is like a mall, which brings together in one place many stores with different owners and thousands of products in various categories.

The e-commerce market place By Dubai has explosive growth and adds value to the world of online commerce.  Walid Sweid invests in many fields such as e-commerce, logistics, electronics and industrial.

Personal life

Walid has 3 kids, one boy and two girls. He loves to dedicate time to his family, furthermore his faith is central to his characters and it reflects in how he deals in those around him.

Growing up Walid Sweid always felt like he was living on the other side of the tracks. He knew the people on the other side had more resources, more money and happier families. And for some reason, Walid decided to climb over that fence and achieve something beyond what people were saying was possible in Lebanon and across Brazil and Paraguay.

Walid Sweid had a vision that with hard work and resilience success was inevitable.  His story inspired many others in Lebanon and across Brazil and Paraguay.