Walid Sweid welcoming the Brazilian legend Wallid Ismail

Walid Sweid welcomed the esteemed president of Jungle Fight Wallid Ismail on May 9.

The champion of the MMA visited the offices of ByDubai.com. Wallid is a professional fighter and champion. He founded the Jungle Fight Championship Promotion in Brazil. The jungle Fight became a sensational event and the Brazilian legend managed to achieve his goals and surpass them making the Jungle Fight the strongest MMA in Brazil.

Walid Sweid accompanied Wallid Ismail to the edition number 77, the biggest such event in Latin America, which took place on May 9 at the gym Costa Cavalcanti, in Foz do Iguaçu-PR. The show was amazing and the attendees enjoyed the event.

We all hope this kind of event rocks again the city!